Seminar & Privatissimum "System Security"

  1. Seminar & Privatissimum:

    System Security

  1. Lecturers:
    Assoc.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Schartner
    Assoc.Prof. DDipl.-Ing. Dr. Stefan Rass
    Contacts and Supervisors:
    Peter Schartner (PS)
    Stefan Rass (SR)
    First meeting:
    09.03.2021, 14:00, online
    for concrete class dates, check the table below
    Tue, 14:00-16:00, online (unless stated differently below)
    SE- and PV-Talk:
    Talk dates (max. 3 per day) will be fixed in Moodle.
    Attendance is compulsory!
    SE, SW-PR: 30 min (firm!) for talk + discussion
    PV: Start/Middle/Finish 15/20/30 min talk + discussion
    PhD: Start/Middle/Finish 20/30/45 min talk + discussion
    (Templates for slides and figures)
    Seminar thesis:
    6000 - 8000 words (abstract: 170-250 words) adhering to our (LaTeX-template)
    We use MikTeX und WinEdt. Free editors are TeXstudio and TeXworks that ships with MikTeX.
    Course rules:
    see the
    Please also check the guidelines for the seminar
    Topics are assigned according to the First-come-first-served-principle in Moodle.
    The supervisor is indicated by (PS = Peter Schartner) or (SR = Stefan Rass).
  1. Date Topic Speaker Slides
    First meeting & Fixing talk dates and topics
    Open Topics
    Blockchain (Non-)Usage Scenarios N.N (PS & SR)
    AEAD beyond CCM and GCM N.N (PS)
    HASP – Hardware Against Software Piracy N.N (PS)
    Microsoft's Project "Bletchley" - Basics, Functionality, and Usage N.N (PS)
    Trusted execution environment (TEE) N.N (SR)
    Security and Privacy of CAN, PCL, LON, BACnet, and other busses or related protocols (e.g. PLC) N.N (PS)
    Risks and Security of Virtualization by use of Containers (e.g. BSI GSK CD SYS.1.6: Container) N.N (PS)
    Modern Cryptanalysis (Overview Topic) N.N (SR)
    Cloud Key Management N.N (SR)
    Tenant Isolation in the Cloud N.N (SR)
    Cloud Auditing (Grundschutzkompendium, ISO 31000, etc.) N.N (SR)
    Software Guard Extensions (SGX) N.N (SR)
    Intel MPX (Memory Protection Extensions) N.N (SR)
    TLS 1.3 vs. eTLS ETS (Enterprise Transport Security) N.N (PS)
    Your own suggestions are very welcome! Please contact (PS) or (SR).