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System Security Group • Universität Klagenfurt • Teaching • Research

The Systems Security research group has more than 25 years of IT security experience, including applied cryptography, security infrastructures, IT risk management, security policy evaluation, and protocol and prototype design. We participate in national and international research projects and conferences and act as external reviewers, consultants, and lecturers. The group is closely linked to international institutions and researchers concerned with threats, critical infrastructure protection and the application of statistics, decision-making and game theory of security. We offer basic lectures for the undergraduate students (Algorithms and Data Structures, Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science, System Security, and Complexity Theory) and Special Courses for Master and Ph.D. Students (Foundations of Cryptology, Applied Cryptography, Security Infrastructures, Selected Topics in Systems Security and the Seminar on System Security). Also, the members of the System Safety research group supervise various bachelor, master, and doctoral theses, either in the context of study applications or as part of ongoing research projects.

Research Areas

Data Security • Key Management • Security Architectures

  1. Applied Cryptography

    • Architectures for secure (distributed) data storage
    • Secure Data Processing (also externalized, e.g., in clouds)
    • Key Management
    • Privacy-preserving Technologies
  2. Security Infrastructures

    • Critical Infrastructures
    • Physical Security
    • Access control
  3. IT-Risk Management

    • Processes
    • Compliance
    • Auditing
  4. Game- and Decision-Theory

    • Optimized Resource Allocation for Security (Surveillance, security games)
    • Decision-Support for Risk Managers
    • Dealing with (small and) uncertain Information and Data
  1. Robot Security

    • Security of the Robot Operating System (ROS)
    • Security on the Application Layer and below
    • Collection of evidence usable in the court
  2. Design and Evaluation of Security Concepts

    • Authentication
    • Security Token
    • Security Infrastructures
  3. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

    • Measuring Trust and Risk
    • Incident and Risk Prediction
    • Data Mining for Security
  4. Quantum Cryptograpy and Applications

    • Applications and Evaluation of Quantum Cryptographic Systems
    • Attacks on Quantum Cryptography
    • Quantum Cryptography within (larger) Security Infrastructures


Independence • Knowledge • IT-Security



Scientific project support should be used in every (costly) project from the beginning, so that system errors and bad investments can be avoided at an early stage.


Assessment & Evaluation

Analysis and evaluation of crypto-mechanisms and cryptographic hardware and software. Experience shows that many of the security products available on the market (software and hardware) are insecure.


Teaching and Training

Organization and conduction of information and training events. Further information can is available from the menu "Teaching" and "Events". You can also contact us by email at any time. We are looking forward to your message or visit.


Know How

In many IT security products, patents infringement may be an issue. Patent attorneys may lack the technical expertise in some cases. As consultants, we offer expertise to aid patent claims and to identify various forms of patent infringement. An examination of this kind can also save costs later on.



Expert advice in case of conflict is indicated whenever expectations are foreseeable to be not satisfied. Legal disputes can become costly and critical to a company's business. In concrete cases, the question of guilt is far from evident and hard to clarify. Our goal here is to help to settle arguments to prevent damage or losses for either party.


Cryptographic mechanisms

Design of application-oriented (individually tailored) cryptographic mechanisms and protocols, especially in the research areas of the group (see above). Especially in mass applications, we offer our expertise to contribute to safety and security (for example, token-based sports events using transponders in running shoes, tickets at events, and many others can benefit from our experience.

Goals and Perspectives

Security • Reliability • Research

The goal of establishing scientific events, workshops and work conferences as a link between research, teaching, and business, is highly valued by the target groups and contributes to the advancement of IT security. At the now more than 35 events, business relationships were (re-)established, new product ideas were created, and future perspectives were discussed. Weaknesses of security products were pointed out, and security specialists were thoroughly investigated. The proceedings of the working conferences and other selected titles are made accessible to a broad public by the syssec book series "IT Security & IT Management." The book series is available to external authors and organizers for the publication of their works, assuring the quality of the contributions will always be checked in advance by independent reviewers. If you are interested in a partnership, the scientific establishment of innovative ideas, cooperation or if you are just looking for professional advice, then please contact us. Confidential inquiries should be addressed to peter.schartner@aau.at