Final examinations (STAP) - Important Information

  1. What you should bear in mind towards the end of your Master's thesis ...

  1. Templates
    At the latest with the start of the Master's thesis
    • Fill the examination record ("Prüfungsbuch").
    • If necessary submit applications for approval.
    All about submitting the draft of the master thesis
    • Complete the examination record ("Prüfungsbuch").
    • Submit the examination record for approval.
    • Ask your advisor about the procedure for the final examination.
    • Chairman and examiner ("subject of the master thesis" and another subject \ndash: see curriculum).
    • Coordinate the date of examination with the chairperson and the auditors.
    • Attention: There must be at least 3 weeks between registration and the final exam without exception!
    • Typos in the master thesis are "for eternity" and do not have to happen!
    Requirements for registering for the final exam
    • Chairperson and examiner have time, room is booked by SPL
    • Approved examination record ("Prüfungsbuch")
      (if applications for approval are open, it may take a little longer)
    • Master's thesis assessed (= uploaded report from the advisor)
      Attention: The deadline for the evaluation is 8 weeks!
    Final examination "Angewandte Informatik" (Curriculum 13W)
    Consult the curriculum for details!
    • 15 min Presentation of the Master thesis followed by discussion (the examiner is the chairperson)
    • 20 min Exam Subject 1
    • 20 min Exam Subject 2
    Final examination "Informatics" (Curriculum 19W)
    Consult the curriculum for details!
    The examination panel consists of three persons (chairperson, examiner 1, examiner 2)
    • 15 min Presentation of the Master thesis followed by discussion and questions in the contect of the master thesis
    • 20 min Exam Subject
    Finally, a few tips
    • Master examinations are public, you can listen to other such exams before your own examination.
    • Locate your room early and test your slides on the beamer.
    • 15 min presentation, not 10 min and also not 20 min!